Perform Scn Base Incomplete recovery Using Rman in Oracle 10g & 11g

Incomplete Recovery Using Rman ( Scn No )

1.      First database in Archivelog mode.
2.      Tack a Rman Backup (Rman> backup Database; ) command
3.      Take a current scn no first time
4.      select timestamp_TO_SCN(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) from dual;
5.      Create parag to parag9 tables and switch log file after 3 tables.
6.      Take a current scn no Second time
7.      select timestamp_TO_SCN(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) from dual;
8.      Drop table parag5.
9.      Create parag10 to parag13 tables and switch log file after 3 tables.
10.  After some time I want to these drop parag5 table back this is the important table;
11.  These table backup and archivelog is not available that time incomplete recovery is doing.
12.  Go to rman window rman>
13.  Run these command
14.  RMAN>
        Shutdown Immediate  
        Startup Mount  
        Set Until Scn < Scn_No >;  
        Restore Database;  
        Recover Database;  
        Alter Database Open Resetlogs;  
     16.  Check table parag5 is back but after the second scn no table or data is lost permanently. These data is no recover or back.


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