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Oracle Database 11g New Feature - Backup-Based Duplication Without a Target Connection

We have Target Database name as TECH And we are creating a duplicate database using RMAN Auxiliary Instance with name as AUXDB by using the backup location but without making connection to target database but we will be accessing Recovery Catalog DB. Note :- This practical assume you have same directory structures and it is performed on same server. Just the database name is different so we are converting the path with respect to dbname only.   Check log_mode of Target Database. Target must be in archivelog mode. Otherwise put the database in archivelog mode. Now create a new database manually or via DBCA say CATDB. Then run the below command on CATDB to set this as the new Recovery Catalog for our Use. Connect to the newly created Recovery Catalog Via RMAN Now register your target database (tech) with newly created recovery catalog database (catdb) On Windows Platform You need to Create a new Instance for auxdb which also creates a password file for the sam