Step by Step - How to turn on Password Protection for Oracle Database Listener Control (LSNRCTL) Command Line Utility

Step 1:- open administrator cmd
Step 2:- C:\lsnrctl
Step 3:- lsnrctl> change_password
Step 4:- lsnrctl> old password : (keep this blank)
Step 5:- lsnrctl> new password : (set your password here)
Step 6:- lsnrctl> retype new password : (retype your password here)
Step 7:- lsnrctl> save_config 

Step 8:- lsnrctl> exit

Step 9:- Open listener.ora file from ORACLE_HOME\NETWORK\ADMIN\

step 11:- lsnrctl> stop
step 12:- lsnrctl> start <-- this is required to reload the listener.ora file
step 13:- lsnrctl> exit

Step 14:- from administrator cmd open lsnrctl
Step 15:- lsnrctl>stop
The above command will give an error like
TNS-01169: The listener has not recognized the password
Step 16:- LSNRCTL>set password unisoft <--- your password set above.
Step 17:- lsnrctl>stop <--- now the command works.


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