Encoding ,Encryption Hashing and Authentication

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In this article i will be explaining you the concepts and differences about the network basics.

How often you have come across the words like encoding, encryption, hashing  and authentication almost every  day of your regular profile.

So let's explore this term and try to grasp the concepts behind this.


For instance what happens when you communicate with your friends? Your brain generate one idea then the instructions goes to your vocal cord through your brain, now vocal cord generated the information in form of sound and finally your information gets converted into frequency and at the other end frequency gets converted and send to the recipient brain where it finally decodes the information.
So we can see  here that our information gets consumes by different system that came across.

Here comes the need for encoding since every system consumes data in
different formats like current,binary,frequency etc

The purpose of encoding is to transform data so that it can be properly (and safely) consumed by a different type of system. Here we are not keeping the data secret but rather ensuring that it is properly consumed by the system.


E.g ASCII, Unicode, URL Encoding, Base64,BCD,BCDEDIT, etc

Encryption too transforms data into another format but in such a way that only specific individual(s) can reverse the transformation. It uses a key, which is kept secret, So only the intended user having key can decrypt the data.

Once nice example of Encryption is when you generated CSR(Certificate sign request) key is generated along with that.

Encryption protocol Example   AESBlowfishRSA DES ,3DES

3) Hashing
Hashing serves the purpose of ensuring integrity, i.e. making it so that if something is changed you can know that it's changed. Hashing is irreversible you can’t reverse to its original state once the hashing process has been placed.
Hashing is used in conjunction with authentication to produce strong evidence that a given message has not been modified. 

In hashing it adds the extra bits value or code to your original data and produce one output. The input data is often called the message, and the hash value is often called the message digest or simply the digest.You can’t go from a hash value to the input data that has been used to generate it.We are using Hashing to maintain the integrity,remember the same input will always generated the same output. So let’s say if the data has been alerted in between then the calculated hash value will be changed and at the receiving end  system will drop the data due to the lack of integrity.

Hashing Protocols Example   SHA ,MD5

The Difference Between Encoding, Encryption, and Hashing

  1. All three transform data into another format.
  2. Both encoding and encryption are reversible, and hashing is not.


Authentication is the process of determining whether someone or something is who or what it is declared to be.
Let’s say someone has knock your door at midnight what will you do….?
You will ask the person name, and after getting answer you will ask some more question just to make sure that the user is who he claim to be. Once you sure or the user authorized then you will open the door.
The same happens with our network communication, while doing the same system or network ask for authentication from the user or resources to make sure that the authorized user is using the resource.

Remember this screen you must have came across so many times while logging into the system. The System always ask for authentication i.e your username and password just to make sure that you are the right user that you are calming to be.

Authentication protocol Example   PAP ,CHAP ,MSCHAP,SPAP ,EAP

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