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Encoding ,Encryption Hashing and Authentication

Hi Everyone, I am glad to finally found blogging domain for me. Life is all about achieving your goal and dedications about your passion. Believe me the world is ready to give up its secrets, you have to just knock the right door. We at unisoft doesn’t simply provides courses, Instead we make the professionals. In this article i will be explaining you the concepts and differences about the network basics.
How often you have come across the words like encoding, encryption, hashing  and authentication almost every  day of your regular profile.
So let's explore this term and try to grasp the concepts behind this.
1)Encoding 2)Encryption 3)Hashing 4)Authentication

1)Encoding For instance what happens when you communicate with your friends? Your brain generate one idea then the instructions goes to your vocal cord through your brain, now vocal cord generated the information in form of sound and finally your information gets converted into frequency and at the other end frequency gets converted an…

Remove unwanted Plugins drivers from your computer

How to uninstall unwanted  hidden device drivers.
Hello friends do your device drivers have all the drivers associated with it right from the beginning when you had purchased your computer ,each time you have used so many plug and play devices to it. When the user installs a new device windows automatically select the best driver. This property is known as plug and play (PnP) specification. When the user plugs in a hardware device the following steps are carried out. 1.Windows detects the hardware device and identifies the device. 2.The operating system searches for the appropriate device driver package in the driver store. 3.If the operating system finds a suitable device driver,then plug and play service of windows copies that driver file from driver store to its operational location. 4.The plug and play service configures the registry for that driver and start the newly installed driver.
But the problem here is that everytime  you insert so many plug and play devices to your system and…

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